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Most commonly asked questions about InmolinkCRM

Getting Started

Why do you offer your services for FREE until January 1, 2021?

First of all this is a promotion which will end at the end of May 2020.

As at the moment the economy is on hold and most estate agents have now ample spare time to evaluate new software we thought this is the opportune moment to make this offer.

It also allows real estate agents to evaluate our CRM/MLS software whilst maintaining their current system without incurring any additional cost.


What happens after January 1, 2021?

We will contact you in December 2020 to ask whether or not you wish to continue using our services.

If you do you will have the option to pay monthly (€47.50), or yearly (€475).

In the event you do not wish to continue we will cancel your account and remove all your listings and contact records from our system.

Can anyone register?

In principle, yes, but they have to agree to our conditions and code of conduct. > read more

Which areas do you cover?

At the moment Malaga (Costa del Sol) and Alicante (Costa Blanca) and Murcia. More areas will be added soon.

How do I register?

Go to our register page and fill in the online form.  We will contact you within 24 hours with your log-in details.

How do I add properties to the CRM?

You can either add the property listings manually or provide us with any XML, API or CSV feed and we will do the import for you.

If you are using already a CRM system and are not yet ready to switch over to InmolinkCRM we will synchronise your current property database with ours every day until you tell the system to stop.

Can you import my excisting contacts?

Yes we can.  Simply raise a support ticket from your InmolinkCRM dashboard and send your contacts in a CSV file.

This service is free.

CRM & MLS System

How many users can I setup?

You can setup unlimited users.

Which languages do you support?

The dashboard is in English & Spanish only.

For property listings we support 9 languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Russian


What options are there regarding 'property sharing'?

You can set sharing preferences using the following options:

  1. Share your property listings with all agents in the network.
  2. Select which agents you wish to share with
  3. Do not share with any agent

You can also set individual properties not to be shared with other agents or to be published on our property portal

Can I synchronise with Google Calender?

Yes you can.

Can I export my property listings to other portals?

Yes you can.

We currently support:

  • Rightmove
  • Kyero
  • Place in the Sun
  • Fotocasa

We are developing at the moment several other feeds as it is our aim to include ALL portals.

Can I send emails directly from the dashboard?

Yes, you can.

Can I send bulk-emails?

No, at the moment you can't.

We will however come out with a bulk-mail solution, including editor later this year.  This will be, as all our modules, at no extra charge.

We do offer a Mailchimp interface.

Website Integration

How can I integrate properties on my website?

You can either use our FREE WordPress plugin or API feed.

If you have the technical skills you can do it yourself following the detailed instructions on our 'Knowledge Base' pages or ask your website provider for assistance.

Alternatively, you can contact one of our recommended developers who are experienced in using our plugins and interfaces.

For more information:

What is included in the Free Template Website?

Our FREE WordPress templates are plug & play websites.  You can change colours, font types, content, add pages and operate a blog.

They come standard in Spanish and English.  You are also able to add more languages.  Instructions are given in our 'Knowledge Base' pages.

The hosting is FREE and you can have as many email addresses as you want.

There is a one time installation charge of €97.50 (+iva).


Do you have a WordPress Plugin?

Yes we do.

Do you make custom websites?

InmolinkCRM are technology providers and, besides the FREE WordPress Template Websites, we leave the design and implementation of websites to companies who are specialists in this field.

You can work with your existing web developer or contact one of our recommended developers who are experienced in using our plugins and interfaces.

For more information:

Other Questions

What does the Agent Messaging System do?

InmolinkCRM's Agent Messaging Service (AMS) allows you to send & receive property offers and requests from other agents in Inmolink network.

Our filter module makes sure that you only receive property offers and requests which you are interested in.

What is the Agent Reputation System?

Our Agent Reputation System (ARS) will be made available in May 2020 which will allow agents to rate each other based on their experience of dealing with each other.

This information is only visible to our subscribers, not to the outside world.

What about New Developments?

Our New Developments module gives you access to a large database of new-build projects, saving you hours of work researching and updating your website.

Currently this service is restricted to the Costa del Sol only, but will be available in August for the Costa Blanca.

What else do you have in the pipe-line?

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